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For those who are not aware of SeaSearch, full details can be found on their web page . In brief it is aimed at conservation by surveying what is under the sea arround our coast, both in terms of physical geography as well as fauna and flora. As a surveyer I get to look at the varied wildlife of the sea arround our coast in the company of like minded people. It does involve completing survey forms, but much of the diving is subsidised so I can afford to do more, and I get that warm feeling of having done something to help. To me this seems to be a win win situation! I have created this page in order to share pictures taken on SeaSearch dive trips with others divers on those trips. The pictures are to aid identification rather than being spectacular and beautiful, though hopefully some will be that as well. However, the other galleries are where the better pictures, from the photographic point of view, are more likely to be found.

North Wales June 2019

Portland August 2018

Swanage July 2018

West Bay May 2018

Trearddur Bay June 2017

Lyme Bay October 2016

Menai Bridge 2016

West Bay July 2016

Portland July 2016

Lyme Bay June 2016

Dartmouth 2015

West Bay August 2015

Poole August 2015

Lyme Bay June 2015

Poole May 16th/17th 2015

Portland September 20/21st 2014

Llyn Peninsula August 23/24th 2014

Poole August 2/3rd 2014

Poole June 21/22nd 2014

Lyme Bay October 5/6th 2013

Llyn Peninsula September 28/29th 2013

Llyn Peninsula June 29th 2013

Lyme Bay June 8/9th 2013

Poole September 8/9th 2012

Amlwch July 28/29th 2012

Weymouth July 1st 2012

Llyn Peninsula 26/27th May 2012

Poole 19/20th May 2012